Saturday, January 22, 2011

3DB002 Mixtape For January 2011


The new Jack White produced song by First Aid Kit “It Hurts Me Too” has invaded my new playlist. Speaking of my new playlist, appropriately titled: “New Mix” (note to self:consider new title) which will soon find itself burned onto a cd for “in the car” consumption…now there is a poorly constructed sentence! Ok. New playlist. I will transcribe it hear for my second piece for 3DB…maybe offer an invitation to my fellow 3DB contributors to offer their mixes as well. The rules are simple. The playlist must not exceed the length of one burned cd.
These mix cd’s might allow our readers some insight into our tastes and personalities without having to gleam this information from ridiculous biographical blog entries.
If this blog happens (in a snowball’s chance in hell) to garner enough power and prestige to warrant free products for review/consumption, then I want to make it clear that 3DB is not above product placement or the occasional lapse in integrity, given the bribe is: A.) Substancial  OR B.) Something we really like anyway and would gladly say nice things about.
Ok. A mix tape of music I’m listening to today:

“Dirty Snow At the Disco”
(A mix tape)

Suggested cover:

Do your own resizing on the photo. Decorate with a Sharpie marker.

1.)   It Hurts Me Too – First Aid Kit
2.)   Complicated Life – The Kinks
3.)   Where Were You? – The Mekons
4.)   Tombstone Blues – Bob Dylan
5.)   Golden Seal – Fucked Up
6.)   South of France – Harlem
7.)   C’est Comme Ca – Les Rita Mitsouko
8.)   Boyfriend – Best Coast
9.)   As Tears Go By – The Rolling Stones
10.)                  Hate Me Soon – Yellow Ostrich
11.)                  Purple Rain – Lavender Diamond
12.)                  Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford
13.)                  Stuck – Butterglory
14.)                  Safe as Milk – Captain Beefheart
15.)                  Step on Me – The Cardigans
16.)                  The Things I Used to Do – Guitar Slim
17.)                  How Many More Times – Led Zeppelin
18.)                  Fleurette Africaine – Duke Ellington

Ok. Every individual song in that list is worth searching out and enjoying. At the very least you should have a listen on Youtube and decide for yourself.

Email your mixtape to Is there a prize involved? Probably not…but let us think about that. Just send us the list.

-William Scott Chaffin

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