Sunday, February 13, 2011

3DB003 Up Late. Posting. Waiting. New Music.

I'm up late tonight posting an album to Bandcamp. The Black Bullet Promise. It takes painfully long to load WAV files onto the site. It's 1:40 in the morning and I'm on the third track of fifteen. This is the part of music that no one thinks about when they are downloading your album for free. Hmph. No one knows...

So...some "new" music that I've found that I think is brilliant. Amazing.

Hospitality - EP 

This is the type of band that is so perfect it's terrifying. The music really transcends mortality. I'm actually listening to it now for the 40th time in two days. It has destroyed me. It has broken me down slowly and painfully. Amber Papini's voice and songs cut past the bone to the fucking marrow. Really. It's tiny, complex, poetic, lo-fi pop that is just so terribly good that you almost feel guilty. Maybe you don't deserve this? Do you deserve this? it out...try Bandcamp first and then find a way to send this band some money.

Guards - EP

The Guards Ep stands beside Hospitality in brilliance. It's reverb-laced, otherworld, ghostly whispers and aching guitars. It's another piece of genius songwriting that cuts into you like a well-oiled power tool and after slicing you into pieces it mends you and feeds you a steady diet of hair-stroking and chai tea. Songs like "Don't Wake The Dead" and "The Crystal Truth" are masterful examples of songwriting...the punk rock gems that had vanished for so you recall the brilliant cassettes of your youth? It's the tape that someone left in the art room that got passed around...paint splattered on it...tape crimped...

Jesus. I'm tired. This is hardly an official post. Hit publish. Go ahead.